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Popular aspdotnetstorefront integrations

Dec 10, 2016Integrations

AdotZ enables easy integration and workflows

In our first release here is a short list of some of the most popular integrations possible with aspdotnetstorefront and Zapier.  Using data from new account creation, or new orders generated in your storefront you can then perform these activities.  Some of these applications can populate users or order status in your storefront.

  • MailChimp – Updating and & adding subscribers and more
  • Facebook – Create a post, or add user in your storefront from Facebook Ad
  • Salesforce – Create deals, users and more.
  • WordPress – Create posts from store, or add users to storefront from WordPress
  • Wufoo – Add or find entries
  • QuickBooks Online – create invoices, payments, sales receipts and more.
  • Xero – Creating invoices, payments, sales receipts and more.
  • HubSpot – add contacts to workflow, create calendar task, add contacts to list and much more
  • Constant Contact – Add users to a list or create new list
  • Pinterest – Create a Pin in Pinterest, add user from new follower
  • SharpSpring – Create Campaigns, Update Contacts, Create Opportunities, Create Update/Lead
  • Emma – Create subscriber, Create Event, or Create group
  • ActOn – Create form submission, Add contact to lis
  • Marketo – add lead, update lead, find lead.
  • Pardot – Create prospect
  • TrustPilot – create invitation
  • SMS / Text – send a text when a new user registers, an order is compete and more
  • email – send an email when an order is complete, new user registers, and more.

These are but a few of the actions available once your storefront is connected to Zapier.  More complex integrations can be done using Zapier Webhooks.  More details to come.