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Support Policy

Support incidents must be submitted through our support website. Support issues emailed directly to our staff members or through our sales department cannot be addressed. This ensures that all support requests are handled as quickly as possible. We want to assure you that submitting all requests properly will mean that no questions ‘slip through the cracks’, and that we can achieve optimal response times.

If you have modified your software and are encountering errors, please notifiy us of your custom code.  We may or may not be able to support your site with our extensions.  

Response Times

Customers taking advantage of our Help Desk can always expect a response no later than 2 business days (often faster).


It is impossible to account for the complex needs of every individual business in any software product. We recognize this, and offer source code so that a qualified developer can make the modifications desired for your environment.

If you are a store owner or developer seeking help with a custom project, we have the most remarkable development partners available to team with you on customization. These are accredited developers who are known to deliver premium work on a highly professional basis. Determining how to make these modifications is the sole responsibility of the developer.


AspDotNetStorefront highly recommends that all customers stay up to date with the latest release of the software. While we strive to make the upgrade process as straightforward as possible, some store owners may still need assistance with performing upgrades periodically. While we cannot do the work for you, our technicians are happy to provide assistance with any questions that may arise on storefronts that have not been modified. Customers having problems upgrading customized sites can take advantage of our Priority Help Desk access, though depending on the extent of the modifications, the assistance of one of our DevNet Partners may be needed.

Response Times

Priority Help Desk tickets submitted before 2pm Pacific will receive a response on the same day guaranteed. Tickets submitted after 2pm Pacific will receive a response on the next business day at the latest.

Product Installation

If software installation is purchased, our support staff will work with your host to get the software installed for you. You must have an active and installed aspdotnetsotrefront production instance running.  Custom installations are not supported but may be addressed on a case by case basis.

Our installation services cover installing the agreed extension only, in a standard configuration of the version purchased.  We currently only support Version 10 + of aspdotnetstorefront, in a standard configuration. We will upload the files necessary, install your license key and create the aspdotnetstorefront config as needed.  Blue 33 offers additional development, customization, design and configuration services on a per case basis.

While the software is often run in cloud environments, web farms, or on virtual servers, our paid installations can only install on these types of hosting platforms:

Shared Hosting: This is the ‘basic’ type of hosting offered by the majority of hosts. The site runs on a server shared by many other websites, and the store owner has limited access to the server. This is generally sufficient for small to medium sized stores.

DedicatedServers: With this type of hosting plan, the store owner has much greater control over the server (usually through Remote Desktop access), and only your site(s) run on the server. These plans are more expensive and require a greater degree of technical ability to manage, but are great for larger, busier sites.

For customers purchasing an install on a shared hosting environment, we will need the following information, which can be obtained from your host:

  • Web site domain/address
  • access to aspdotnetstorefront admin section with User ID & Password
  • FTP server address
  • FTP username
  • FTP password
  • Host control panel URL and login information (if available)

Please do not provide this information electronically! This information, when provided via email, is not secure. Instead, we will contact you prior to your installation to obtain the access required via a secure connection.

Customers purchasing an install on a dedicated server will need to provide Remote Desktop and FTP credentials. Installs cannot be done through GoToMeetings, Remote Assistance Requests, or other session-sharing methods.

In most cases, your hosting provider should have all of this set up for you, but you can contact them to check prior to our installation. Our support staff cannot perform these tasks for you, or make any other changes to the server that may affect other applications/s.

Consulting & Training Sessions

Consulting for Blue 33 related extensions and integration is scheduled with our Support Technicians via an online meeting technologies.  Consulting time is available in one hour sessions. Consulting time will need to be consumed at the time of the scheduled meeting, unused time cannot be carried over to subsequent sessions.

Prior to the scheduled consulting session,you will be asked to provide an overview of issues and items that you would like covered in your session. We ask for this so that you can make the most of your session, and that we are prepared to answer any and all of your questions.

This is an advisory and educational resource only, our Support Technicians cannot assist with troubleshooting over the phone – this service is available for Blue 33 services only. We can assist with “how-to” type questions, help you plan the organization of your site, provide basic information integration and site management, etc. Please use our Help Desk for assistance with troubleshooting software issues.